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The top 5 product line best-selling washing machine in February
Date: 17/03/2015

According to some sequence of system electronics stores such as Pico, Media Mart ... the top of the best-selling washing machine in February as the products of famous brands such as Electrolux, Toshiba, LG, Sanyo ... purchasing power is concentrated in the product price segment from 3-19 million / unit.

Representative appliance system Pico said EWP85662 Electrolux Washer, 6.5 kg of Origin Thailand horizontal cage is the best-selling products in the past two months with sales of 350 units.

This product has a list price is 7.99 million, but buyers at current electrical system Pico product is reduced to 12% and only 6.49 million and was awarded the promotion included superfast comment contract worth $ 469,000.

Secondly washing machine LG WD9600, 7.0kg horizontal cage, last month at electronics stores system Pico, this product line is sold with sales of 200 units. Products are sold at the price of 9.69 million / unit.

Thirdly line C820SVWU Toshiba Washer, cage stand 7.2kg. Products with antibacterial function, effective deodorant and cleaning cages made of stainless steel so it is safe. Products listed price is 4.65 million, but now buyers in Pico electronics systems, products are discounted and only 3.99 million / unit and is also bundled Omo washing powder 3kg .

Fourth line 7kg washing machine Sanyo Aqua-S70KT, in supermarkets Electric Media Mart, the price is only 3.69 million, down 1.4 million compared to the prices listed above market. On the other hand, the washing machine is also equipped with cleaning mode 7 users including standard cleaning, washing strong, quick wash, light wash, wash soak, wring or squeeze dry pole, which the user can freely select option according to the type of fabric and time.

Thursday is EWF10932 Electrolux washer, horizontal cage 9kg, at Pico February sales of this product line also reached 100 units / month. This product listing price is 18.59 million, but the customer is buying at supermarkets Pico electronics products cost only 15.09 million / unit.

Electrolux Laundry products EWF10932, 9kg washing trays have been designed to help reverse rotation creates multi-dimensional water flow, easy flying dirt and effective cleaner cleaning. Besides, dried by the wind technology will help drain more items after cleaning and drying shorten the time even when the weather is not good. /.

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