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Advice to buy and use the bathroom heat lamps
Date: 17/03/2015

With cold winter weather will make bathing a small obstacle for everyone, especially families with young children and the elderly. Find out on the net, I found a pretty effective solution to deal with this problem is to use the bathroom heat lamps.

But for me and many people, this is a new device should have no less disturbed as: What is the bathroom heat lamps, the difference compared with conventional heating equipment, Vietnam currently has the market any brand, any brand of good quality, diversified designs and prices as well as its effects on the health ...

What is the bathroom heat lamps, some kind?

Bathroom heat lamps "standard" originating from Germany, it is the light bulb uses infrared technology with appropriate capacity (usually 275W) to warm bath area, to help users feel warmer, avoid prickly feeling in the winter cold in the shower.

Currently on the market of Vietnam, I noticed the bathroom heat lamps have three categories: light bulbs samples using infrared technology, this light bulb samples using conventional heating and incandescent lamps hybrid model including infrared lamps and bulbs normal.
Infrared Lamp is a special form of incandescent light bulbs, it uses the technology of infrared radiation to warm air quickly in just 3-5 seconds. This lamp main purpose is to create heat rather than light diode lights up than normal incandescent light levels than its soothing. Not only that technology infrared radiation is also advertised to help relieve stress, reduce fatigue, does not cause skin dryness, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, treat arthritis ... The biggest advantage of this lamp is long life (usually 6000 hours) and more suitable for wet environments. These elements not seen in conventional incandescent lamps because it uses the mechanism of oxygen combustion air heated gradually lead to a loss of time (from 5-10 minutes) to warm, and dry skin, dry hair, bright eyes, not durable in wet environments.

Thus, with many outstanding features, light patterns using infrared technology is seen as the ideal form a heating lamp for use in the bathroom.


In today's market, brands such as Hans bathroom heat lamps, Kottmann, Braun ... are suppliers that are imported from Germany, as a guarantee of quality. There is also a Korean Duraqua also be assessed well, besides a few other brands like Philips, Midea ... seems less well known. However, if you want to buy the product so consumers are looking for in the stores, dealers can not sell outside of the appliance. You can also search for online providers because there are many companies that sell these lamps over the network, but need to see prices before buying.

Directly to the big electronics stores in Hanoi such as Pico, MediaMart, Tran Anh, Nguyen Kim ... I see only sell products of three brands are: Sunhouse, Nonane and Kangaroo. Compared with the product of Germany, Europe and South Korea, the product of three firm underdogs proved more about the brand and quality.

The firm as mentioned above of Germany, Korea and Vietnam are two firms in Nonane Sunhouse and then use infrared lamp while there are individual firms Kangaroo has more samples typically only used ball or use both infrared ball combination with conventional incandescent bulbs. That's why the idea as a "standard" which I divided into three categories as mentioned above.

However, if only outside observer to distinguish the samples using infrared light, the samples using conventional light is very difficult even with the sales staff. The specifications printed on the product, on the home page of the manufacturer is quite general and ambiguous. It is best to try to live by turning on the lights, watching the light, feel the heat and the ability to "comfort" ...

By studying specific support staff of Kangaroo said: Kangaroo is 8 samples bathroom heat lamps, of which 2 samples KG252A, KG252B use two bulbs usually combined with an infrared lamp in the middle, KG248 model uses two infrared lamp, and the remaining 5 samples commonly used ball (KG247, KG250, KG251, KG253, KG255).

According to the salesperson at Pico "Kangaroo its products are selling more than two other carriers due to warranty for the lamp 12 months warranty with at home." Meanwhile, the salesperson at the exchange MediaMart Sunhouse is that firms selling here, some products are favored by Sunhouse with reasonable prices along with "highlights" anti-glare layer is scanned help eye protection.

Models and prices

Design and code samples are also many options to suit the space and bathroom area. In general, the products are mainly composed of 2 to 4 lamps, extra fan or not. It is possible that the sample bulbs, tube lights or ceiling lights. Field shaped ceiling heating lamp suit the needs fixed immediately in the bathroom, wall lamp types, only 2 screws behind should be able to change positions more flexible, and long tube shape is kind of neat lightweight and can move most convenient. These lamps are often equipped with long tube films help protect against glare and suitable for families with young children.

In this model, the most popular is still using incandescent bulbs with a capacity of 275W halogen bulbs. Prices range from 1 million to 1.5 million. Ceiling light patterns are often more expensive, around 300-500 thousand.

Overall prices are also many different levels, which form only about seven or eight hundred thousand, but the sample up to 3, 4 million. The German brands often have higher rates of about 200-400 thousand compared to the other joint venture brands.

Its design will also affect the price. These samples fan will have a higher price, in addition there is some form of remote control. Some models have beautiful designs, fussy, have a pattern for enhanced aesthetics also a bit more expensive.

Selection of appropriate heating lamp bathroom

Before buying, you should consult or ask advice to choose the model and capacity in accordance with the bathroom lights, outside of work to warm it was a decorative device. If the bathroom area from 2-4 m2 2 lamp shade should be used, if the bathroom area from 4-6 m2 3 lamp shade or use the bathroom area from 6-8 m2 4 lamp shade should be used. If large bathroom, you can use more lights, for example, is about 10m2 bathroom could use two types of 3-ball lights mounted on both sides to effectively warm the better. If you use a low wattage lamp in the bathroom too wide, the bulb will have to work hard to ensure that all the necessary heat, the temperature can lead to loss of work efficiency is not high, but the potential hidden risk of failure. Lamps with appropriate capacity to bring high-performance, and cost savings.

You should also choose a heating lamp intelligent, self-disconnecting function when the temperature reaches a certain level in order to save power and safety.

Choose the protection level of light with external effects such as water, steam, dust, ... This is a very important indicator not only light but also protect safety for users.

Should choose the type of bathroom heat lamps or light yellow to limit glare light in the eye for eye damage users.

So buy the genuine product, clear origin, prestige and good warranty, the company has been the Directorate for Standards and Quality Vietnam has tested and certified quality.

Note the use of

Bathroom lights are designed to be used in high humidity environments, even some employers are advertising is water resistant even when flush. However, this is an electrical device, it is best to position the lights in overhead, avoid water (from showers) shot at, plugs and wires need to be checked carefully.

Do not use continuous long: the heater, always warm high capacity, long used to be hot and the potential risk of fire. So far we have placed at least 1-2 meters depending on the type. When installing a heating lamp on the wall, note to mount the lamp cover and check the wiring to avoid leakage, short-circuit. When finished remember to turn off immediately.

Each ball usually has its own rules, when you feel warmer temperatures may shut down to save power while maintaining warmth in the bathroom.

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