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Consumers speak up!
Date: 17/03/2015

As the economy grows, the commodity market is more active means that consumers (consumers) will have many choices when shopping. Yet, since then, many controversial issues likely to arise during the transaction between the consumer and production units, business.

Accompanying consumers and businesses during the past four years, the program "Action for consumer rights" has achieved considerable success. The complaint being infringed upon the rights of consumers have been treated thoroughly, businesses also raise awareness of the process of production, business to minimize the state of consumer complaints. However, consumers are not always aware of their rights to participate in purchases or learn to handle situations like. Therefore, the message "NTD speak up" the program "Action for Consumer Rights" this year aimed at the center of the NTD. The program emphasizes the message "NTD speak up" with the aim to encourage, please call consumers understand their rights and 8 give positive comments, complaints and even now, the business establishments or the agency authorized addressed if the rights are violated when shopping. Organizing Committee program will promote and disseminate propaganda Consumer Protection Law to the people of the city and neighboring provinces. Besides, the organization also coordinate with relevant agencies, media agencies, television test, strengthen control of enterprises participating in the program and ensure proper implementation of NTD 8 rights .

The "Action for Consumer Rights" this year will increase the number of participating enterprises are manufacturers, commercial sales chain reputation as supermarkets, commercial centers, including the big brands like: HC Electric Supermarket Corporation Hanoi Trade (Hapro), VNPT Hanoi ... Especially, this year's show attracted more businesses to participate, with more than 200 points of sale for consumers in May 3-2015 with many attractive incentive programs. For more information about the program as well as the point of sale, consumers can call the switchboard 04.1081, or visit the website Since the first event May protecting consumers' rights, Trade Co., Ltd. VHC - Supermarkets Electric HC always with the program and honored as diamond sponsor for the program "Operation Action for consumer rights in 2015 ". May 3-2015, HC continues to be the only appliance accompany people defended their rights before the misconduct on the market. With the prestige and position of enterprises in the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam and is now head of the Northern Electric, 3rd country (as reported by the VNR 500), HC committed to civilization trade, trading only genuine, quality assurance and service friendly, attentive. In particular, in May 3-2015, in addition to continuing to maintain and maximize the operation of the unit sales consultants as well as customer care, HC appliance will organize the program: "Since consumers' rights in particular 5 in 1 ". Consumers will enjoy special privileges such as participation in the program: Maintenance free some summer products to customers with products purchased at electronics stores HC; discounts up to 50% more product of the 5 sectors: electronics, refrigeration, home appliances, IT, mobile-digital entertainment; doubling the number of points accumulated for loyalty; participation in the program brochure luck with valuable prizes for customers series of leaflets with some lucky coincidence of the program; program "Gold Weekend" on April 14 and 15-3 ... Not only that, customers can access to shopping website, or call on 1900 1788 for a total advice on their rights.

Besides the attractive program that brings businesses, consumers do not forget the ways to protect yourself when rights are violated. When consumers encounter situations when rights are violated shopping, call the switchboard 04.1081. The operator will receive all complaints and connect to businesses, business establishments require interpretation as well as the solutions. If there is no reasonable solutions, consumer complaints will be forwarded to the competent authorities such as the standards and protect consumers' rights Vietnam ... to guarantee the right of consumers to be satisfactorily resolved.

Be smart consumers to protect their own interests and their purchases.

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