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Electrical: increasing online purchases
Date: 17/03/2015

Become familiar with online purchases since 2010, in recent years, the need for a product regular household electrical appliances, Pham Thi Thu always choose to make online purchases and payments upon receipt of goods.

According to Ms. Thu, online purchases help you with an overview of the product: information about products are displayed across the screen; There are two way feedback on products; can calculate the cost without being urged or marketing staff go in tow as when purchased in supermarkets ...

Trends in online purchases

Similarly Thu, today there are many people choose online shopping to save time, not to mention sometimes hunt for promotion. This contributes to the growth of significant revenue for the business website in this field.

Discussions with VNA, Tan Hoang Tran Hau, director of marketing home appliance chain Thien Hoa, said Thien Hoa supermarket which is trading under the traditional sales methods. However, when Internet development and trends appear online purchases, stores were quick to invest in infrastructure for information technology needs to catch up since 2010.

Share on online sales in 2014, Mr Hau said revenue increased steadily each month by 30-40%. May 12-2014 and 1-2015 months increased 70% over the same period last year. With this momentum, Thien Hoa continue to set sales targets over the network in 2015 increased by 125% compared with 2014.

Similarly Thien Hoa, supermarket chains of JSC Mobile World also significant revenue growth. Tran Nhat Linh, director of online sales of, said: "The last six months in 2014, online sales increased 3 times compared with the first six months of the year. We expect 2015 will grow by 300% compared to 2014 ".

By sharing his Darly Alexandre, CEO Lazada Vietnam, the revenue of the company's power plant in 2014 increased 5 times compared to 2013. He expected in 2015 retains this growth.

Commenting on the online shopping market, he said Alexandre Darly Vietnam market still in its infancy growth rate will be higher in the coming years. "But online shopping channels have developed anywhere can not replace traditional channels. The traditional stores always have the advantage that the online store may not have been. Both sales channels will coexist in parallel with each other, "he said.

Traditional channels are still the main driver

Agreeing with Mr. Alexandre Darly, but he Hau emphasized traditional channels remain dominant role, decide the survival of the appliance in Vietnam.

Mr Hau said the percentage of online sales on the company's total revenue in the range of 10%. "Even in countries where e-commerce has developed rapidly and as strong as the United States, the proportion of large companies such as Wal-Mart also stands at 10-15%," he said.

To the supermarket chain, Mr. Linh said online sales in 2014 accounted for only 7% of the total revenue of In 2015, with the rapid growth of online sales channel, estimated this rate stands at 10%.

Analysis of the importance of traditional sales channels, Hau said he has found that complex information network, in a certain extent, can not provide it all. Thus, for the simple commodity, the value is not very high, customers can choose to buy online, but for the kind of complex products, expensive, client still wants to experience reality before deciding to buy the product in order to avoid potential problems.

Reviews of Mr. Hau has many similarities to the "Report on online consumer behavior" by Google surveys in Vietnam and published in January 11-2014. Accordingly, the desire to directly test the item and concerns about quality are the biggest obstacles when shopping online. Specifically, 57% of people never make online purchases, said, "I want to touch / test item before you buy", 49% concerned "goods purchased online are more likely to be second-hand goods / counterfeiting".

With respect to consumers, Ms. Pham Thi Thu said: "Although I always preferred online purchases, but with the complex, expensive, I still choose the solution-site inspection to ensure both reviews before buying. Knowing providers are allowed exchange, return or refund the product but it is better to buy once and use immediately. "

Similarly, he said Ngo Minh Hai purchase as needed, he often directly to the store to choose, "would rather spend a little time initially but later avoid losing time."

Being active in the field of electronic commerce, Pham Tan Dat shared experience that the best purchase. According to him Dat, customers should learn the front page of the web electronics company, then to experience in the store, okay so choose to place an order online to save money. "Today, some manufacturers accept orders for both retail sale, so if you make online purchases, appliance dealers will contact the manufacturer. In this case, the agent is not inventory, at no ground, no operating costs (electricity, labor ...), uncommitted capital ... So, often they will agree Sales price than purchasing software in place, "he Achieve analysis.

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