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Pico surprise sells bicycles, electric scooters
Date: 17/03/2015

Besides the electronics business, Pico has a surprise for the market since the beginning of the month 2/2015 sell bicycles and electric scooters - products that electronics stores such as Tran Anh, Media Mart, HC ... is not business.

According to Pico, alongside electrical goods, appliances, supermarkets have official distributor of the line bikes, electric scooters.

In Vietnam, the market bikes, electric scooters is quite potential to meet the needs of many customers as students, students who need to move a short distance ... Yet , this product segment are also many businesses and individuals to jump into the business, making the market development is complicated by the unpredictable quality.

The business Pico bike, electric motorcycle has surprised the market by now other electronics brands in the northern market as Media Mart, HC, Tran Anh ... is not this commodity business, which persisted in the electronics market, computer, computer equipment, telecommunications ... which increasingly fierce competition.

Pico is 7 supermarkets. Compared to some system other electrical retailers are competing in the North, the last few years, Pico developed quite slowly.

Particularly in 2014, after the system idle notifications of supermarkets located in 20 Republicans (HCMC) from the date of 01.03.2014, only a few months has continued to surprise by official statement stops working at 35 Hai Ba Trung (Hanoi) after more than 6 years in this business.

And at the end of 2014, after years of just "hang on" primarily in the Hanoi market, this system has opened three new outlets located in Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc, bringing the total number of points of sale to the No. 7.

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