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Refrigerator LG GN-L222PS 209 liters
Manufacturer: LG
Price: Contact Us
  • Fridge freezer on
  • Capacity: 209 liters
  • Cooling air is cold multidimensional
  • Glass tray bearing
  • Place of Origin: Indonesia
  • Get every 4 hours
  • Be paid within 14 days exchange policy is particularly advantageous
  • Refund or return goods within 14 days if where to sell cheaper
  • 12 month warranty

Features of the LG GN-L222PS Refrigerator 209 liters

  • Refrigerator technology Inverter Technology Inverter power saving refrigerators help save power and exceptional environmental friendliness.
  • Antibacterial Filter Fresh Filter Hygiene Hygiene Fresh eliminate mold and bacteria harmful to bring fresh air throughout the refrigerator.
  • Provides multi-dimensional flow of cold air cold air supplied to every corner of the cabinet to help ensure fresh food.

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