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Air conditioner Panasonic CU / CS-YC9RKH-8 1HP
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Price: Contact Us
  • Capacity 1 HP (1 horse)
  • Air conditioner often
  • Technology crowd bacteria
  • Rooms: From less than 15 m2
  • Place of Origin: Malaysia


  • Get every 4 hours
  • Be paid within 14 days exchange policy is particularly advantageous
  • Refund or return goods within 14 days if where to sell cheaper
  • 12 month warranty

Features of Panasonic Air Conditioning CU / CS-YC9RKH-8 1HP

  • Powerful Cooling Technology Fast Cool Technology of rapid cooling will increase the cooling capacity 1.5 times faster than conventional air conditioning, so you can quickly get a cool breeze.
  • Filter deodorant, antibacterial technology antibacterial, deodorizing cleaner will filter bacteria, dust and eliminate odors, making the air is always fresh.
  • Seamless Seamless blue radiator heat sink helps prevent corrosion, durable air conditioning to keep the long-term.

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